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A Software Architecture Primer

John Reekie
Rohan McAdam

Just released, A Software Architecture Primer presents a fresh, pragmatic approach to the study of software architecture. Written by two experienced practitioners with extensive industry and academic experience, this book will be of value to anyone involved in software development. It presents a series of chapters that introduce and develop an understanding of software architecture, not in an academic or cursory way, but by means of careful explanation and elaboration of a range of key concepts. Chapters on architectural analysis and design, on fundamental views of any complex software system, on architectural styles and on quality attributes, combine to ensure that the reader or student will master the art of "architectural thinking."

Essential information

Contents in brief

1. An Introduction to Architecture
2. Architectural Analysis
3. Architectural Design
4. Conceptual Architecture
5. Execution Architecture
6. Implementation Architecture
7. Architectural Styles
8. Quality Attributes
9. Architecture and Process
10. Industrial Systems

Sample material

Full table of contents, sample chapter, and bibliography: PDF

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National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication Entry

    Reekie, H. John.
    A software architecture primer.

        Includes index.
        ISBN 0 646 45841 8.
    1. Software architecture.  2. Software engineering.  I.
    McAdam, Rohan James.