December 16, 2006
Finally, A Software Architecture Primer is fully searchable on Google books!
July 20, 2006
Courseware for A Software Architecture Primer is now online! Open Courseware.
July 6, 2006

A Software Architecture Primer is now available online:
May 1, 2006
A Software Architecture Primer by Reekie and McAdam is now available in Australia. See the Purchasing page for more information.
We have launched our first open courseware site. It's part of a larger site that is still "under construction," but the open courseware part works fine. See Open Courseware.

Angophora Press is delighted to release the second version of the community website AudioCircle. A good deal of effort has gone in to making the transition between versions 1 and 2 smooth and trouble-free, and it has mostly paid off. Please visit AudioCircle to review an example of our "Level 2" community website software.

Wholesale and instructor

Angophora Press books are generally available through Ingrams Book Group. (External link.) Generally a trade discount of 55% or a short discount of 40% applies, with returns not accepted. There is no minimum order.

Course instructors using the book to teach a class can take advantage of our direct delivery discount of 40% off the cover price, with a minimum order of 20 copies. We cannot accept returns on these orders.

Wholesale orders in Australia are also available at a short discount rate of 40%, with returns allowed to approved retailers. A minimum order of ten copies applies.

Please contact us for direct orders or if you have a query about ordering.


Angophora Press books are generally available on the online retailer and other online retailers. For brick-and-mortar sales, availability simply depends on who decides to carry it. You can generally just ask a bookstore and they will be able to order via Ingrams.


We make some newly-published titles available for direct order from the publisher, until distribution through the main wholesale and retail channels is established.