December 16, 2006
Finally, A Software Architecture Primer is fully searchable on Google books!
July 20, 2006
Courseware for A Software Architecture Primer is now online! Open Courseware.
July 6, 2006

A Software Architecture Primer is now available online:
May 1, 2006
A Software Architecture Primer by Reekie and McAdam is now available in Australia. See the Purchasing page for more information.
We have launched our first open courseware site. It's part of a larger site that is still "under construction," but the open courseware part works fine. See Open Courseware.

Angophora Press is delighted to release the second version of the community website AudioCircle. A good deal of effort has gone in to making the transition between versions 1 and 2 smooth and trouble-free, and it has mostly paid off. Please visit AudioCircle to review an example of our "Level 2" community website software.

A open, distributed community -- one to which participants can join from anywhere on the globe -- is of course a natural candidate for web-based online support. These communities always have a specific focus that draws the community togetter, which may range from a "luxury" hobby pursuit such as hifi audio or a particular kind of sportscar, through to a particular kind of health issue. Members of a community may be there to gain information or do research about a potential purchase; to share their experiences with others with a similar interests or pursuits; to offer or seek support for issues that concern them at this point in their lives; to participate in a political or religious movement; or any of many other reasons that draw people together.

While you may on occassion read about the Internet "isolating" people, our experience is just the opposite. There are many forces at work in the world that serve to isolate people -- long commute times, mega-marts, concerns about privacy and personal safety, television... But one of the most exceiting aspects of building and running online communities that we have found is when members of a global online community meet -- through the online medium -- others who live close to them! The global "virtual" community fosters a local "real" community of people with that common interest, who then meet each other in person and form face-to-face friendships. The cycle has come full circle.

It is remarkable just how many of these open communities there are. Do a search for any topic of interest to you, and you most likely find several. We think that there is always room for more. Any motivated individual or group of people with a dedication to a particular subject and an understanding (and, dare we say, tolerance) of the web medium can start an online community. If that is you, then please contact us and tell us about your dreams and aspirations. Maybe we can help.