December 16, 2006
Finally, A Software Architecture Primer is fully searchable on Google books!
July 20, 2006
Courseware for A Software Architecture Primer is now online! Open Courseware.
July 6, 2006

A Software Architecture Primer is now available online:
May 1, 2006
A Software Architecture Primer by Reekie and McAdam is now available in Australia. See the Purchasing page for more information.
We have launched our first open courseware site. It's part of a larger site that is still "under construction," but the open courseware part works fine. See Open Courseware.

Angophora Press is delighted to release the second version of the community website AudioCircle. A good deal of effort has gone in to making the transition between versions 1 and 2 smooth and trouble-free, and it has mostly paid off. Please visit AudioCircle to review an example of our "Level 2" community website software.

There are a number of additional features that we can enable on your website. We strongly recommend, though, that you "start small" and create a simple but useful site. Then, as you become more comfortable with the structure of the site, and with how your customers use it, you can start adding these features. Remember always that the purpose of the site is to provide useful and timely information, not to showcase itself!

This is a useful little module that allows you to create time-stamped entries on the front page of your site. It's very useful if you want to regularly add small items to keep people informed on what you are up to. (We don't recommend it if you don't keep the news up to date, though, as "old news" just makes the site look neglected.)

Mailing list
If you wish to provide the facility for concert-goers to be updated with upcoming concert events by email, we can provide a mailing list for that purpose. You can only use the mailing list for specific purposes like this, and you are not allowed (seriously) to subscribe people to any mailing list yourself -- they must do it themselves (an "opt-in" system).

Photo gallery
If you want to display a collection of photographs on your site, we can add an photo gallery for that purpose. If you wish to use this feature, we do recommend that you have a specific purpose for it -- such as "who we are when we're not serious musicians," or something like that. In other words, don't just throw up a random collection of photos! We also recommend that you keep the number fairly small, so that all photos show up on a single page of thumbnails.

Online ticket sales
We can currently provide basic support for online ticket sales if you have a Paypal account. We'll be adding a proper shopping cart and payment gateway in late 2006 (i.e. ready for the 2007 concert season!).