December 16, 2006
Finally, A Software Architecture Primer is fully searchable on Google books!
July 20, 2006
Courseware for A Software Architecture Primer is now online! Open Courseware.
July 6, 2006

A Software Architecture Primer is now available online:
May 1, 2006
A Software Architecture Primer by Reekie and McAdam is now available in Australia. See the Purchasing page for more information.
We have launched our first open courseware site. It's part of a larger site that is still "under construction," but the open courseware part works fine. See Open Courseware.

Angophora Press is delighted to release the second version of the community website AudioCircle. A good deal of effort has gone in to making the transition between versions 1 and 2 smooth and trouble-free, and it has mostly paid off. Please visit AudioCircle to review an example of our "Level 2" community website software.

The main focus of our sponsorship effort is to provide web support for small organizations that (in our opinion) provide something of artistic value to a community. We build and maintain these websites to help these organizations, and not for any other reason. These are generally small sites, but nonetheless we provide something that is a cut above what you generally see for this type of organisation. These sites are not meant to showcase our main web development work (which is a much more challenging type of website called an online community); rather, they are something that we can do to help, so we do it.

We do have to ask for something in return, of course. So we ask sponsored groups to put our logo on their programs and publicity material. You never know, someone at one of your concerts may just be interested in creating a significant online community, and get in touch with us about it. And, of course, we would very much appreciate the offer of an occasional free ticket, but it's not required.

Here are some specific features that we chose for the particular type of website that we provide to sponsored organisations:

  • The sites are managed by a database-backed "content management system." Without getting technical, this means that the site can be edited by nominated members of your organisation. No more waiting for the one person with the password to get around to doing it...!

  • We manage (and pay for) your domain name. (That's what people type into their browser to get to your web site.) We can do a pretty wide selection of names, including Australian ones.

  • If there are members of your group who want to be more web-active, we can provide a news section, a blog, a forum, and/or an online photo gallery to help you make your site more "live" and interesting to your patrons.

  • We will provide you with support for online ticket sales. At the moment, it's fairly simply, but later this year we expect to be able to allow you to create a full-featured "shopping cart" for ticket sales (if you want to).

  • We will provide a main email account for you using what is known as "IMAP." This means that all of your email stays on our server so you can access it from anywhere. We can also provide as many aliases as you want -- those are email addresses that just forward email to your regular email address.

This setup works pretty well, as it allows you to make changes to the content of the website when you need to, without having to know too how to change the site layout (we'll do that part). Basically, before someone signs on with us, we first talk to them about what they need, to make sure that it's going to be a productive arrangement for both parties. Then, if we decide to go ahead, you need to provide us with as much electronic material as you have (text, images, reviews, and so on), which we will put into the initial design of the site. Once you're happy with it, the site will go "live" and you'll be able to make updates whenever you like, without requiring our intervention.

That's about it! Please contact us if you think we can work together.